Bin and I had to make our way to Milan this week to solve some business and thought we could share our experience with you, whether you’ll be traveling in Italy or not.

Choosing is the right means of transport is important in Italy not to find yourself spending obey for no reason, traveling uncomfortably or wasting useful time. If you are planning to travel on the italian west coast (between the cities of Salerno, Napoli, Roma, Firenze, Bologna and Milano) the best and most comfortable way to travel is via high speed train.

There are two companies that operate high speed train connections in Italy Trenitalia¬†and Italo. Generally Italo is the cheapest of the two options, with great prices if you book well in advance, on the other hand if you are looking for better connectivity while you travel the extra money you’ll pay to travel on the Trenitalia Frecciarossa is well worth it.

My advice is if you’re going to travel from Rome to Milan on Italo book a Prima seat which gives you enough leg room and a welcome refreshments service at a reasonable price.

You will arrive in Milano at the station of Milano Centrale most probably, where you will have many options to get around the city according to where you have to go. A basic public transport ticket costs 1,50 Euro and includes 1 access to the underground and 90 minutes on any other transport, tram or bus. Other daily options are also available and if you are looking to move around a lot, are alo the best way to go.

Places to see in Milano other than the the very central area which includes the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, are the Navigli areas where especially in the summer time you’ll find very nice restaurants and pubs to enjoy an outdoor meal and vibrant nightlife.

Unfortunately during our trip we came across a strike, what you should do in the case you come across this unpleasant surprise is check online for the list of the guaranteed trains searching as follows “treni garantiti scipero (add the date)” and then get in touch as soon as possible with the train company you’ll be traveling with and ask to change your ticket to a guaranteed train, they should do this for you free of charge most times.

Alex Achille

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