Hi guys I’m back again with another post here on my blog and on my vlog on my Youtube channel, if you haven’t dropped by yet what are you waiting for?? Just pop in watch some videos and subscribe to my channel if you enjoy them, here’s the link.

Recently I have posted a Blog post and a video Vlog about how Bin (my Korean wife) and I met and finally got married but somewhere in between when we met and when we got married there is a missing episode that for various reasons wasn’t posted.

The missing piece is about when Bin and I visited each other’s families in Korea and Australia. Korea because Bin is Korean and her family lives there, Australia because I don’t know if you already know but I’m half Australian, so I have family down under.

First of all I wasn’t into video making and cinematography that much back then so I don’t have all the footage that I would have liked, also the quality of the video isn’t all that good and some shots were taken in vertical mode, because all the videos where taken on our iPhones as I didn’t have a camera yet.

So to let you better understand what was happening back then I did interrupt the video here and there and explain or tell you some short stories of what I thought back then or what we experienced that I hadn’t taped.

Ok that’s enough talk I’ll leave you to watch the video now, I hope you enjoy it and if you do don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to be updated about my latest videos. You’ll find the Youtube button on every single page of this site!

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