Hi guys I’m back with some more fresh content, this time it’s a bit different from the usual vlog content. I wanted express myself about something that is very close to my family. Migrating, looking for a better future. I did it the way I can best express myself, through short movie. A short movie about how important it is to remember where you come from, what are you origins. Don’t make the same mistakes and don’t make others suffer the same mistakes that we had to for no reason.

I taped this episode somewhere very important to me, my granfather’s hometown, a small town home to just over 10 people during the winter time, lost in the middle of the central Italian Appennine. A place forgotten by time and everyone.

That is a part of where I come from, and as my grandfather many other Italians migrated all over the world looking for a better future. So many people are doing the same nowadays. My question to everyone is, a philosophical one, what is the difference?

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Thank you for coming by and hopefully I’ll see you here again.


Alex Achille

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