Hey guys I’m back, this time with a topic that is something I have to put up with as a consequence of living in a small Italian town. If you’re not new to this site or to my Youtube channel you probably know that I live in L’Aquila, a small town in the central Italian mountains.

Being it a small town it is harder to find different kinds of cuisines that you might find easily in bigger cities like Rome or Milan. Also if you are not new to the channel you surely know that I am married to a Korean, and that I share with her a great passion for Korean food and cuisine.

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find Korean products or ingredients here. Not only, in most supermarkets the foreign food section is really, really small. Which is really depressing. Just wanted to complain a bit about that.

We did find the ingredients for our own version of spring roll though at the supermarket and had those for dinner. It wasn’t Korean but oh well can’t win them all.

I just made an episode about the preparation of the spring roll. I have been experimenting a more cinematic taping style recently, so I would really appreciate if you feel like letting me know what you think about it.

By the way don’t forget as usual to give the video a thumbs up and pass by my Youtube channel or go through my site here to watch the rest of my videos and subscribe to receive all the latest updates.

Alex Achille

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