Second run and second vlog. I’m trying to keep up the runs and the videos I post, so far so good. Today I made this video mainly after I finished running, so I focused on talking about an aspect of the post run. Rehydrating after the run, what I drink and I find helpful for me.

This vlog was taped after a cool-down run, a 4 Km run that same day and after a 9 km run the day before, so it was obiously the most stressful moment for my body. Which in turn made it the most important moment to recover from the run.

Since I started running again, I have started craving more sweet drinks and food. So my solution to this problem, and to keep away from the fattening food and drinks, I started making a lot of juices. This helps me keep under control the amount of sweet food that I eat and also helped with recovering from my runs taking advantage of the benefits of different fruits.

For example after my runs I ofen mix in a banana in my juices, which thanks to its richness in potassium, help speed up the recovery time after a run and aviod injuries.

Well that’s about it, it was a kind of short video today, not too long, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


Alex Achille

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