Hi everyone, it’s been a while since my last post here on travel the world with us, but I’ve got a good reason, the past 2 weeks have been crazy busy preparing and getting married.

Yes that’s right last Tuesday I got married. It was a small wedding just like Bin (my Korean wife) and I wanted, nothing too big right now here in Italy, and we’ll plan something more structured for sometime next year in Korea (that’ll be interesting) :).

As I had already mentioned in other posts, we didn’t get a religious wedding but a civil one in the local comune (council) of L’Aquila where we live. Funnily enough a friend of ours told us there was another Italian-Korean wedding going on in town just days after ours, if you’ve read our past posts you know that summer last year Bin and I attended also another Italian-Korean wedding. It’s incredible there there must be the highest concentration of Italian-Korean weddings in this town of all the country. 🙂

Unfortunately we don’t know who the mystery Italo-Korean couple that got married after us is, it would have been interesting to know, especially if there is another Korean living here. Until now we always thought the Korean count was still at 1 here (Bin), but maybe not?

Anyhow I’m back and I’ve been thinking it over and over and I’ll be slightly changing the format of my Vlogs and blog posts, they will be a weekly post with the best of life in Italy.

So that’s all for today if you like the video please take a second to subscribe to my channel and come back next week same bat place same bat time! 🙂


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