Monday 13th November, L’Aquila Italy. A gloomy and rainy day as many others in this time of the year. I set out to the bus stop as I had done many times in the past, ready to face another long trip heading to Milan northern Italy.

Everything is the same, the bus driver’s greeting, the coffee at the station and the welcome drink on the train. Those 3 hours in that slightly uncomfortable seat seem to never pass. Thundering through the scenery, which passes from the plains of Lazio to the hills of Tuscany. To finally end in the plains of Lombardy leading to Milan.

Milan’s welcome never changes. A cold punch of the humid, cold and foggy air wakes you up from your travel drowsiness. The people rushing all around you, are a reminder that you have left behind the tranquillity of Abruzzo, and are now in a land where there is no time to breathe.

I reached the Airbnb in a very Italian styled building, dragged the suitcases up the stairs, and opened the door. There was nobody to welcome me there, but it wasn’t a problem, I turned to my right and had that someone with me all along the journey, my wife Bin.

Everything was so familiar, the seats, the scenery the bust stops and the stations. It all felt like a blast from the past. To a not too distant past, when I used to do this trip on my own, Milan bound. One huge detail was different, this time I wasn’t travelling to visit someone, but I had that very important someone with me on my trip.

This was my small, flashback. I also hope you enjoy my video.

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See you next week (I hope).



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