Ciao guys, so far so good, I’m keeping up my effort to keep posting more often my Blog posts Vlogs and obviously that’s why I’m back now. This episode is about something my Korean wife Bin and I have been planning to do for a long time but have been postponing, which is teaching her to drive a manual car.

If you’ve followed us until now you might already know that we live in Italy, and well here like 90% of cars are on a manual gear box. Automatics aren’t that popular, just the most recent models of cars, mostly the hybrids come with an auto gearbox.

That’s why it is super important for me to teach Bin to master driving a manual, so that she can be more independent and get around more easily without depending on me as much as she does right now.

We headed out to an empty and quiet road, it was Sunday which helped a lot finding a quiet and calm place to practice, set up my cameras and it was time to get the action started. It wasn’t the very first time for her driving a manual, we had practiced a few months ago, but she was a bit rusty and we had to go over the basics again before moving onto something a bit more advanced.

To my surprise, apart for a couple of moments I was a little scared (kidding) she did really well, improving really quickly. And most importantly I think it was fun for both of us and taping the episode made it even more fun than it would’ve been if we hadn’t been.

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