Since moving to my new city center house it’s already happend to me a couple of times, being snowed in. My house has a samll driveway in front of it with a very steep hill, which once covered with snow is really difficult to climb. Especially with my small Fiat 500.

Yesterday I finally made the move to buy a shovel, but I still decided to work from home (lucky me I have that option). Roads were way too messy so played it safe and just stayed home. Apart from working I decided to make the most of the situation, by getting some nice shots of the snow falling in contrast with the warmth of the my home as daily life moves on.

Later during the day I did have to go downstairs and clean all the driveway. Which wasn’t as fun as watching the snow fall through the windown in front of my work desk, but it was fun!

That’s about it for today, hope to see you around soon!

Alex Achille

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