So this is not going to be a youtube video blog, vlog or call it whatever you prefer. This is going to be a an update about something that is coming up in my private life, which in turn will affect my video production too.

Curious are we? So this is the news: I’m going to Korea, well my wife and I that is. My wife is korean which means that little by little, I feel like Korea is becoming a second home. ^^

It isn’t my first time in Korea but it is the first time I go abroad since I started my YouTube channel, which means that this time I will be filming pretty much everything. And in turn I’ll be posting a lot about my trip on both my youtube channel and here on the site. And for once the name of the site will match the content, because you’ll actually be traveling the world with us. 🙂

So I got my ticket booked from Rome Italy to Seoul Incheon Airport, I unusually booked really late. I generally am an early bird booker. Meaning that I almost always book so far in advance that waiting for the trip to come to reality is really painfully slow. But this was not the case, we kinda booked last minute, at the time of writing this I have just about 2 weeks before my departure.

I have to admit we were very lucky to find a good deal with the plane tickets. Originally our plan was to make our way to Korea in autumn this year but unfortunately that plan didn’t workout. So to hell with that I’m going now!

Ok that’s all about the trip, but I will talk a bit about flights and booking at a cheap fare. The main key to cheap travel is… drumroll please… date flexibility. Yup if you must travel on certain dates it will probably come to a price. That is why this time, to minimize the costs, I decided to work around the airline fares to plan my trip. Thankfully my job allowas me to work in any part of the world that has an Internet connection which helped a lot.

Second secret to cheap travel is comprimising on airport transfers. Generally I am one who loves always going from point A to point B with no stops in between. This time though I had to accept one stop on the way to Korea, but I will have a direct flight on the way home.

So in my case I compromised on a 3 hour stopover in Prague Airport while waiting for my connecting flight to Korea, to bring the price down a bit. Fortunately I know Prague airport really well, I have been there so many times, and even took my written Private Pilot Licence exam right in Ruzyne Airport in Prague. 🙂

So that is all for this extremely long blog post. I may or may not make a video about this!


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