Did you really think I was gone or had abbandoned you? Naaaaa, just had some major camera and time issues. My main camera (a Canon 200D) had broken down on me and had to be sent to the repair store in Milan.

Just a quick note on the repair of the camera, I absolutely love the Canon camera products but this repair was the slowest service I have ever experienced in my life, it was horrible. It took just a few days short of a month to get my camera back. First it was sitting in a store room in Milan for ten days before someone decided to accept it, then they decided they couldn’t repair it there so they thought well to send it to Germany. Just a horrible experience.

And unfortunately I ordered my new lens from the Canon online store and they use UPS for their deliveries in Italy and they are absolutely hopeless. I was supposed to receive the lens last week, and was looking forward to using it for a photo shoot over the weekend. But that didn’t happend, and I’m still here waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway I was a bit rusty after a bit of time off from filming and editing so I apologize if the quality of the content isn’t 100%. But I do hope you will enjoy this first vlog since my beloved camera has come back home from its tour around Europe.

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See you next time then, I’ll try to keep up a better pace in pushing out new content, can’t promise it though!:s


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