Back again with another Vlog and Blog post. This is the real first post of 2018, as it was taped and edited in 2018, while the previous one was taped in 2017 and edited in 2018.

This is another tradition of my hometown of L’Aquila, and to be honest I don’t know if any other town in Italy does something similar to this. On the 5th of January the whole city transforms itself into a huge Italian market.

You can find so many different products being sold, pots pans, cleaning products, toys, sweets and many other things. It’s a crazy place, vendors shouting to attract you attentions, people talking about the trend of the year in the streets and the smell of so many different foods and drinks in the air.

We god our day started around lunch time, immediately finding something of Bin’s interest, a picninc looking basket. Something that looked like it came out of a Yogi bear cartoon. Beeing close to lunch time we had what all the city has on the 5th of January, a Piadina filled with sausage and onion.

The Piadina is not a traditional food of L’Aquila, in fact it’s traditional of Romagna which is the area that includes Rimini and Riccione. I used to always have one going to this market since I was a child, then stopped for a few years until I came back from Dubai, that’s when I started this small personal tradition. Which I am also passing on to my Korean wife Bin.

So that’s enough talk for today too, hope you enjoy the video pass by my youtube channel give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe. You’ll find the Youtube button on the sidebar of every page, including this one.


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