Ok back again, I think I’m keeping up well with my commitment to post and publish videos more frequently than before. This time I’ll tell you a bit more about myself and my life experience, in particular about the recruitment process that got me into Emirates Airline.

I went through the process in late 2010 in Rome it was, as often these open days are, in a hotel but this time for some reason it was very far from the city center. It lasted 3 days it was a very stressful and intense experience as they cut people round after round of the selection.

The process is usually divided in 3 parts, CV submission on the first day in which you have the chance to exchange a couple of words with the recruiters, second day if you are called back there will be the group and language assessments, which will keep you busy one full day from morning to evening (so be prepared), last day (if you make it there) will be the final interview 1 on 1 with the recruiters.

Just to give you an idea on my open day, I think there were more than 600 people submitting their CV and about 12 made it to the final interview, unfortunately I don’t know how many actually made it to join the airline in the end.

So I thought of sharing this video with any of you that are looking into going through this process to get to be a cabin crew for Emirates someday. I forgot to mention how long I stayed in the company, I stayed 3 years and quit after spending a bit more than a year in Business class (which was much better than working in economy class).

Ok so that’s all for today, I hope you enjoy the video pop by my channel on youtube if you like and subscribe! 🙂

Thank you again for reading or watching.



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