As I had mentioned several times in my previous blog post and my Youtube Vlog episode, my beloved Canon 200D camera died on me. I use that camera or about 85% of the shots you see in my videos. That meant that I had to go back to taping with my iPhone and Gimbal for this week.

So I apologize in advance if some shots don’t look super crisp, unfortunately the iPhone 6’s camera can only do so much. The week had kept me crazy busy with work, and I didn’t really have time to tape anything much. This left me with the task of taping the entire episode over the weekend.

So I decided to bring you along with me on a quiet Italian weekend. We had been invited over for dinner by some friends. So on saturday (the first part of the video) I went out with my wife Bin to my favourite wine store in town. I just love the combination of smells and colours, I think I’ve never entered that store to come out empty handed.

After that we made our way to the cake store and bought a Crostata (an Italian cake). This day our on saturday brought me to the main topic of the video, which is,  what do italians bring as a gift when invited for dinner?

Ok that’s enough talk for this week too. If you enjoy my videos make sure to subrscribe to my Youtube Channel! You’ll find the link to do so on every page!

I hope to see you around here soon again.

Thank you and a presto!


Alex Achille

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