Well, I have to be honest with you, this was not the video I had planned to make. The weather though forced me to rethink my plan. The friendly Siberian storm, nicknamed Buran, brough over Italy snow rain and terrible weather. So rather than heading out and probably getting sick and breaking my camera, I changed my video from a short movie to a vlog.

So, while waiting for the worst of the storm to arrive I decided to experiment a bit with my taping. I shot a b-roll sequence of the preparation of a perfect Italian cappuccino, and edited it all together. Let me know what you think about it, maybe I’ll include more of these in my videos and vlogs.

Also, my wife Bin, really wanted to watch “In Time” (the movie). Yes I know it’s not one of the latest releases. I must say that the concept behind the whole movie was really interesting. On the other hand though the acting was very poor which ruined the feel the movie had to give. Anyhow I give it a thumbs up, it gets you thinking. The whole movie revolvs around the concept of a world where everything is payed in time, and no longer with money.

As in the real world a very limited elite hold the vast majority of wealth. Which means that common people are left to die while the rich can buy immortality. The movie gets you thinking of how in the end, even in the real world the only currency you can evaluate life is time. Time is the only thing that counts. The only thing that we must do is, make sure not to waste it and spend it with the right people to make every second count.

Ok that’s enough talk for this video too. Don’t fortget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest uploads and updates.

Thank you for your time. 🙂