Hi everyone as promised we are back again with another video, unfortunately this is the last video of the Milan mini-series, but don’t fear we’ll be sharing many other videos with you about our international couple life.

So our last evening in Milano I was really craving something really spicy, and the only answer to my need for spiciness was 불닭볶음면 also known as the Korean Fire Noodles. I’m sure plenty of you have either seen videos on YouTube about them or have actually tasted them, oddly I really enjoy them. More than my Korean girlfriend even more oddly. 😀

I had something this spicy in Thailand before, and that’s probably where my love affaire with spicy food started. I had landed in Thailand in one of my layovers in my past job and had a severe cold and blocked nose, and felt the urge to have something hot. So I wrung up room service and asked them for the spiciest thing on the menu, what they brought me was a super spicy Pad Kraprao.

I ate it all up and went to bed, after a good night sleep I woke up with my nose being a lot clearer, it was so funny. Anyway back to today’s episode, because Bin doesn’t like to eat the fire noodles too much, we also got another type, Chapaghetti, that is supposed to taste a bit like spaghetti. Bin prepared her noodles by mixing the hot noodles with the Chapaghetti, while I ate the Fire Noodles straight.

Well again that’s enough talk for now, I’ll let you watch the video but not before reminding you to subscribe to our channel and follow us, and of course don’t forget to come back for more posts and videos on www.traveltheworldwith.us! 

Ciao! 😀

Alex Achille

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