So I’ve always referred to my hometown of L’Aquila, in central Italy, as the middle of nowhere. But today I wanted to take you on a tour of this city, which was heavily damaged in an earthquake in 2009.

That was the most scary event I have lived through, it was really strong a 6.3 on the richter scale and it lasted around 40 seconds. If there was any one time that I thought I was going to die that was it.

Going back to the vlog, I decided to take you through some of the most visited areas of the city. I also went to some areas of the city center that still haven’t been repaired so that you can better understand the magnitude of what happened that night.

What did we visit, the city’s castle where I actually shot my first Youtube vlog. After that we passed by the luminous fountain one of the main meeting points of the city. The Corso which is the main street of the city center where all the stores used to be, before the earthquake. Now it sadly empty, and only recently stores have started to move back to the city.

I went past the old council’s building and past what used to be a primary school, they are both in terrible state to date, 9 years after the earthquake struck. This also makes you think that we were lucky that the earthquake struck at night and that people’s homes were safer than the public offices and schools, or there would have been many more deaths than the 300 that there were.

Well that’s enuogh talk for this post too, I’ll leave you to the vlog video. I hope you enjoy it and that you will subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with all my latest posts.

See you soon!