Coffe a couple of cookies, a look outside the window to see what’s happening outside and what the weather is like. Then off to the office to get work started, a little break half way through the morning, which really helps to clear the mind from stress (if you can you should try it!).

Soon after lunch, all done within an hour when it’s time to get back to the office to continue working, and very likely I’ll find either Lucky or Daisy (my cats) on my working chair. Which means that I have to persuade them to get off and leave me the chair. Half way through the afternoon another walk before the final strecth of the working day.

Once all work is over and done with It’s time to visit grandma to help her out, she’s 94 so she needs some help getting back to the bedroom in the evening, and then back home for dinner and time to rest a bit.

What is this mess you ask? this is my everyday life. I thought it might have been interesting bring the camera everywhere I went for a day and give you an idea of what my life usually looks like.

I condensed it all into a short 3 minute Youtube Vlog video, I hope you enjoy it. If you do make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel, it’s not hard at all there is a buttonon every page of this site!

Well I’ve finished for today, I really hope to see you again either here or on my Youtube channel!


Alex Achille

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