For those of you not accustomed with Italian public holidays, the monday after easter in Italy is a public holiday. Offices are closed and so are schools and any kind of company. It is generally the day on which, families head out of town to spend some time together.

So Bin (my wife she’s Korean) and I decided to spend the afternoon at walking by the sea. If you’ve seen my other videos you knw by now that I live in a mountain city, L’Aquila in central Italy. Although we are surrounded by mountains the sea is fairly close, less than an hours drive. Myself not being a huge sea fan we don’t go that often, but I must admit yesterday was a nice change.

To be exact we went to Roseto degli Abruzzi, on the northern part of the Abruzzo coast. A lot of people had our same idea, there where heaps of people and families enjoying one of the first warm days of the year.

As we were walking down the beach we came across some paragliders flying above us, Bin immediately turned to me saying that she would love to do something like that someday. I started flying back to my past with my imagination, thinking about when I was training to get my private pilot license in the Czech republic. I used to train on small 2 seat aircrafts, for those of you more familiar with the topic, on a Cessna 152. It was a flimzy littlething but I felt really comfortable sitting in it, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel hanging off a parachute though.

Anyhow as usual I’ve talked way too much, I’ll leave you tothe video. Don’t forget to pass by my channel give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel to be updated about the latest videos.

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