I haven’t been writing much in the past few days as visiting family and friends here has kept me pretty busy throughout my stay. Here I am to catch up on the missing bits and pieces of our Australian stay.

If you are relying on public transport this might be helpful for your stay in Sydney. I’ll warn you though, be prepared for a slow ride on Sydney’s trains, they function as the city’s underground (metro) in the city center, and connect almost all the suburbs to the city. They are comfortable clean and on time, the only con really slow.

Here’s the city’s train system map, you can either save this image on your phone if you need of you can visit this page to get it in a PDF format. My advice just save it on your phone and you can use it anytime you are around even when you’re not connected to the internet (Free WiFi isn’t that easy to come across on the streets). Also it’s a great idea to get yourselves an opal card, this is a top up card which gives you access to to the city’s busses, trains and ferries. It will save you a lot of time and is easy to use.

Sydney public transport opal card 

Sydney Train Service Map

Before you start your trip I’d advise that you take a quick glance at the train services, as there are some which serve limited stops and will get you to destination much faster, especially if you are travelling from one of the farthest suburbs into the city.

As to which stop to get off at once you are in the city circle (that’s how the central stops are referred to), I’ll give you some landmarks which are nearby the city center stops.

Town Hall: getting off here you will find yourself the option to exit the station onto George Street, which you can follow to reach on foot Circular Quay. Or you can also choose to access directly from the station the Queen Victoria Building. An exquisite victorian stye shopping center, it’s really worth visiting. Also nearby to this stop is the Sydney Tower and at it’s base a Westfield mall (Westfield is the most common chain of malls in Australia).

Queen Victoria Building in Sydney Asutralia

Circular Quay: get of at this station if you wish to visit the Sydney Opera House, the Botanical Gardens, The Rocks or if you wish to connect to any ferry service including the ferries to Manly. Generally the ferry to Manly leaves from wharf 3 but make sure to check on the screens. If you don’t feel like walking to Darling Harbour you can catch a ferry from here and have great views of the quay, make sure you have your camera handy 😉 .

Circular Quay view in Sydney

St. James: getting off here you’ll find yourself right next to Hyde Park. This is a relaxing spot of the city very green and is ideal for a rest after lunch to gather your strength before more walking or shopping. Also nearby is St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Well that’s it for today make sure to come back for more about Sydney.

Ciao 🙂 

Alex Achille

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