Hey welcome to my blog of my vlog, like the dumbest rhyme ever seen? anyhow this is it where I share a few more details about my vlogs, what was going on when I was filming and what was crossing my mind.

I generally try to publish a fresh vlog video on Youtube and a blog post here at least once per week. I try not to go under that threashold although I must confess that it is a continuous struggle to keep this precarious balance between work and vlogging.

Generally keep and eye out on the weekend for my new videos or at the latest on monday. Why? because that's the only part of the week I have time to edit and play around with my beloved Canon 200D which is the tool of my craft at this moment.

It's not the best camera ever, but it is my first camera so didn't really want to fly too high, it does get a decent job done. Before I forget to mention it, feel free to comment any of my videos I'm more than happy to answer any question you have or to listen to any of your advice regarding my videos or videos you created.

Ok I think I spoke (actually wrote) way too much, I'll leave you to make your way across the site.


I hope you enjoy the videos here on my site and don't forget to pop other to my Youtube Channel too, you'll find the link in the sidebar.